Silver Coffee Pot, Sugar Bowl, and Creamer on Tray

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The silver coffee pot, sugar bowl, and creamer on tray is made by Kay Bojesen in the 1930’s and is a perfect example on Kay’s functionalistic approach on silver craft. Kay Bojesen did not wish to decorate and ornament his silver craft since the material and it’s reflections are decoration in itself. This set consists of a silver tray with a silver coffee pot, silver sugar bowl, and silver creamer.

Handmade in Denmark

Sterling silver and wooden handle, coffee pot 15×8 cm, sugar bowl 5×6,5 cm, creamer 5×5 cm · Design: Kay Bojesen

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Tilmeld dig Kay Bojesens nyhedsbrev og få gode tilbud, sjove arrangementer og finurlige historier om Kay Bojesens liv og hidtil usete design.

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