VISTA vase and candle holder


VISTA is a silver candleholder designed by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s. Only recently, the candleholder was put into production, now in steel instead of silver.

This new material has made VISTA more broadly accessible, in keeping with Kay Bojesen’s guiding principle: “Everyone is entitled to good design.” The upgrade has made VISTA more than just a candleholder. Without changing the basic design, it has been transformed into a combined candleholder and vase.

Each of the candleholder’s cylinders contains an insert in which the candle or the flowers are placed. This insert is easily removed to fill it with water or clean off candle wax.

Hopefully VISTA will be available from week 37, but it is possible to reserve one now.

Vista in matt steel
Vista in polished steel

Delivery with UPS or FEDEX

Delivery time 4-10 workdays

The flexibility of the candleholder allows for a varied and personal expression, leaving it up to you whether to use Vista as merely a candleholder, a vase for seasonal flowers or a combination of both.
Vista’s look has endless variations, depending on usage and decoration. You will enjoy creating beautiful, simple centerpieces, showing off each flower or candle from all angles to their best advantage.

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